NGI Sargasso is thrilled to announce the opening of our call for evaluators to review proposals received under our two ongoing open calls: the general open call and the digital identities open call. This is your opportunity to become a valued member of our pool of external evaluators!

NGI Sargasso is committed to shaping the future of the Next Generation Internet. As an external evaluator, you will join a group of recognized experts in various priority areas, including trust, data sovereignty, digital identity, internet architecture and renovation, decentralized technology, interoperability and standardization, and new internet commons.

For the digital credentials call, we are particularly seeking expertise in technical interoperability, semantic interoperability, legal and regulatory interoperability, governance interoperability, and user experience. Our evaluators will be selected based on their competences and the specific needs of each open call.
Please note that being an external evaluator precludes application to the open calls. We maintain strict standards to ensure no conflict of interest and complete confidentiality throughout the evaluation process.

To be eligible, evaluators should be European or Horizon Europe associated country nationals, including EU Member States, outermost regions, and Overseas Countries and Territories. We welcome specialists from academia or industry with prior experience in evaluating proposals for the European Commission or similar organizations.

As an evaluator, you will be responsible for providing online platform-based evaluations of applications and conducting interviews with candidates within an allocated time slot. Your valuable input will contribute to the selection of the most promising projects that align with NGI Sargasso’s mission.

In recognition of your expertise and dedication, we offer remuneration of up to €65 per evaluation for the NGI Sargasso project and the two current open calls. This compensation reflects our appreciation for your time and commitment.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Next Generation Internet. Apply now to become an external evaluator for NGI Sargasso’s open calls! The call will close on July 16, 2023, at 17:00 CEST.

Together, let’s advance trust, security, and innovation in emerging technologies and pave the way for a more connected and inclusive digital future.

Can’t wait to apply? Head to the Evaluators Open call page and start your application now!

Evaluators Call